This Week in Digital Advertising Data (July 9th, 2021)

So let’s jump right into what this week’s numbers say about online advertising! Shall we?

  • According to eMarketer’s forecast, retail ecommerce sales worldwide are expected to climb a further 16.8% this year, to $4.921 trillion.
  • eMarketer’s report on Virtual Reality ads shows that, in a survey made this year, 32% of the respondants said they used VR daily, while 32% did it weekly.
  • AdExchanger’s article explains that, while Ad spending on Android jumped 10% from June 1 to July 1, iOS ad revenue dropped by about 33%.
  • Marketing Charts’ survey on what makes a brand Best-In-Class on Social shows that 46% of consumers said engaging with the audience made a difference, and 39% believed creating memorable content was also a defining factor.
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