This Week in Digital Advertising Data (July 31st, 2020): Display and Social Media ad spend at $21b and $36b

This week’s online advertising data has some interesting notes. Let’s jump in:

  • Zenith released a lot of data about ad spend in 2020, online and off, around the world. Notably online display ad spend will be about $21.1 billion (down 1% from last year) and social media spend at $36.5 billion (also down 1%). Digital ad spend will also be 50% of all ad spend and 55% in 2022. Digital ad spends overall will be down 2% in 2020 as compared to 2019.
  • Forrester, on the other hand, reported this week that ad spend will be down 25% in 2020 and the industry will lose 52k jobs, although the article implies that they are cutting contracts with large agencies, with smaller agencies likely benefiting.
  • App analytics platform AppsFlyer reported that 3.8% of paid gaming app installs are fraudulent, while 32% are in non-gaming categories, with finance apps having the highest fraudulent install rate, at 48%, with travel apps in second place at 45%.
  • SEMRush reports that half of all Google Ads advertisers spend under $1,000 per month.
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