This Week in Digital Advertising Data (July 2nd, 2021)

Let’s jump in and see what this week’s numbers have to say about digital advertising!

  • eMarketer’s survey shows that 79% of the respondents said they are not likely at all to allow app tracking with Apple’s new tracking standards.
  • According to eMarketer’s report, in 2021, advertisers will increase their upfront CTV video ad spending by almost 50% y-0-y to $4.51 billion.
  • Also reported by eMarketer, ad spend in iOS has dropped since App Tracking Transparency took off, representing 43.84% of ad spend in operating systems in February, and just 29.71% in June.
  • Marketing Charts study indicates that 56% of advertisers are planning to increase their spend in podcast Ads, 49% in mobile e-commerce Ads, and 41% in social media Ads.
  • Ad Exchanger’s article explains that the sell-side platform Magnite acquired the connected TV ad server SpringServe for $31 million.
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