This Week in Digital Advertising Data (July 15th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • On an article by Adexchanger, the public ad tech and mar tech stocks tracked by LUMA Partners, which released its Q2 market report last week, fell more than 30% across the board year-to-date as of the end of the second quarter. Roughly one-third of public companies in ad tech were down by 50% or more since the start of the year.
  • According to the latest report on, “an overwhelming 90% of enterprise advertisers believe their creative and media teams need to be better aligned”. Respondents were asked to  rank 6 different options which they believe to represent the biggest opportunities for improving their return on ad spend, a leading 30% ranked scaling up creative capacity as their #1 opportunity. 77% of marketers needing to be very creative -and do it fast- when personalizing  campaigns to different audiences or regions, it’s no surprise that creative capacity is of key importance. 59% advertisers 52% and brand creatives 53% find it difficult to personalize content at scale, with time being their biggest impediment.
  • New research from Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights suggests that email continues to seduce consumers. When they surveyed 1,015 online shoppers in the US, respondents were asked which marketing efforts influence their decisions to make purchases online. 44% of respondents cited general email.  Beyond traditional stalwarts email and direct mail, the survey found a drop-off to other purchase influencers, such as advertising on content visited online (32%) and social media ads (21%) 43% of respondents claimed to open email ads from retailers at least daily, and 29% saying they do so a couple of times a week. Consumers are most commonly making purchases on a monthly basis as a result of email, with 60% reporting this frequency. Almost 1 in 5 (18%) said they make purchases because of reading an email either weekly or more frequently.
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