Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • According to a study  from CommerceNext, online sales performed worse than expected in 2022, and retailers have moderated their expectations for 2023, Only 44% expect online sales to grow by at least 10% this year. 68% of respondents said that their KPIs in paid social declined to some extent in 2022, including 43% who said they declined by at least 10%. Maybe because of this retail marketers seem to be shifting away from paid social. Their top investment allocations for new customer acquisition, 81% mentioned paid search as being within their top 4.
  • One of the latest reports by CivicScience indicate that 41% of US adults feel that the majority of digital ads they see are either very (6%) or somewhat (35%) relevant to them. CivicScience notes that perceptions of digital ad relevance are heavily influenced by age, with adults under the age of 35 being 5–6 times more likely than their older counterparts to find digital ads to be “very” relevant. Thus, digital ads relevance is climbing.
  • 82% of marketers responding to the Content Matters 2023 survey say that the importance of using content as a revenue driver has increased, and this goal has climbed the rankings this year.  The results are based on a November 2022 survey of 1,554 marketers across industries. According to the report, the most effective content types for driving revenue are ad placements and selling content products.