This Week In Digital Advertising Data (August 5th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • According to this report by Sensor Tower 39% of Instagram app users globally open the app every day in Q2. Instagram exceeded the 5 other social apps analyzed. TikTok was the app with the second-highest share of power users, with 29%. This was just ahead of Facebook (27%) Snapchat (26%), YouTube (20%) and Twitter (18%). On the other hand, Tik-Tok users spend more hours per day in the app, with a global average of 95 minutes spent in the app per day during Q2.
  • Time tu buy or time to take vacations from purchasing? In this YouGov survey, 45% of American adults say they find it appropriate when companies develop marketing campaigns or advertisements around religious holidays, while 29% don’t find it appropriate and the remaining quarter 26% aren’t sure. When it comes to cultural holidays, 48%  finding related marketing campaigns appropriate, 29%, and 23% unsure. Very similar. Also in both cases, the percentage of respondents who find marketing campaigns and ads around religious and cultural holidays to be appropriate is higher among the oldest folks (65+).
  • The Nielsen ROI report finds that media spend “needs to be between 1% and 9% of revenue to stay competitive,”while the average ad spend tends to be lower, with the analysis revealing that the median brand reinvests 3.8% of revenues into media.
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