This Week In Digital Advertising Data (August 26th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • Digital ad spending in the Health Care and Pharma industries will reach $15.84 billion in 2022. It’s estimated that the category will see close to $20 billion in spending in 2024, according to a new report by eMarketer.
  • A very interesting study by Measured and Sequent Partners, there is indication that while DTC marketers are facing challenges in obtaining useful insights from measurement, the majority are confident in tying media to business to outcomes. Based on a survey of 300+ marketers at director-level and above from DTC brands across a range of verticals, with the Apparel & Fashion, Consumer Goods, Health, Wellness & Beauty, and Tech & Services verticals most heavily represented, respondents estimated allocating 37.2% share of their budgets to prospecting, with 30% spent on retargeting and 32.8% on retention. Social media platforms figure prominently among the channels used by DTC marketers (which aligns with consumers’ desire for social media content from DTC brands), with the broadest adoption of all channels being for Facebook (79%) and Instagram (77%). Google / Bing Search (68%) follows, ahead of YouTube (65%).
  •  In 2022, US digital retail media ad spending is expected to reach $40.81 billion—tripling its number from the pre-pandemic era.
  • In a report by Media Quality on US Ad Viewability, mobile app video ad declined considerably from 92.6% to 85.8%. Within the US, desktop video ad viewability dropped, from 66.9% to 66.1%, while mobile web video ad viewability experienced a more precipitous decline, from 71.3% to 64.4%. On the other hand, for display ad viewability in the US, there has been an improvement for desktop display (69.8% to 72.3%), mobile web display (63.1% to 69.1%), and mobile app display (82.3% to 89.3%).
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