This Week In Digital Advertising Data (August 12th, 2022)

Let’s see what this week’s numbers say about online advertising, shall we?

  • According to Sprout Social’s latest survey marketers are continuing to increase their spending on influencers. Roughly 6 in 10 of the more than 500 US marketers surveyed as part of Sprout Social’s research into the creator economy are interested in more engagement (62%) and new audiences (60%). A majority (53%) of respondents are also seeking to strengthen their communities on social media, while about 4 in 10 are looking to drive revenue (42%) and promote their brand’s values (41%).
  • On this eMarketer report on US Digital Retail Media Ad spending, the prediction for 2022 is that it will reach $40.81 billion—more than triple its pre-pandemic total.
  • A recent study by MarTech regarding Marketers and their use of tech reveals that 2 in 3 had replaced a solution in the previous year. From almost 300 marketers who had replaced at least one martech solution in the previous year, 26% had replaced a homegrown platform with a commercial one, compared to 11% who had replaced a commercial with a homegrown platform. Moreover, the share who had replaced a homegrown with a commercial platform jumped 10% points from 16% during the year-earlier survey.


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