This Week in Digital Advertising (2021, November 19th)

Let’s jump right into this week’s numbers for digital advertising!

  • According to eMarketer’s research, US Gen Z users favorite platforms are Snapchat (42.0 million users), TikTok (37.3 million users), and Instagram (33.3 million users).
  • eMarketer forecasts that Amazon’s US digital ad revenues will reach $24.47 billion in 2021, rising 55.5% over the prior year and representing 11.6% of the digital advertising market.
  • Marketing Charts survey on how marketers feel about data collection and consent showed that most marketers believe consent is needed to use data for providing promos or discounts (65%) and for personalizing products or services (63%).
  • Marketing Charts study on ABM Target Account Lists found that 43% of the more than 300 B2B marketing executives and professionals surveyed currently target between 100-500 (25%) or 500-1,000 (18%) accounts.
  • AdExchanger’s article explains that, in 2021, spending on social advertising worldwide expected to reach $137 billion.
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