The importance of keeping your personal and work life (and accounts) separate

When I got my first work email (a long time ago), I remember having this professionalism sensation that that email would lead me to great achievements and opportunities that my personal one could never reach. I continued to feel this joy every time I got a new one, and I figured it’s not just about the hopeful feeling but it’s also much more practical. 

Recently, we’ve been discussing Google Ads accounts getting shut down and the reasons for that to happen. However, we haven’t really talked a lot about the consequences this may have, other than the obvious one of losing a lot of time and money along with your complete Ad Campaign. Another possible consequence, which is something that actually happened according to this article, is having everything linked to that Google Account (you know, your email, any apps that you launched, among other things) getting shut down too. 

So basically what happened was that this App Developer ran his App, his Google Ads, and pretty much everything with his own Google personal account. So when his Google Ads account got shut down for apparent click fraud, not only he lost access to his Campaign, but also to his entire life, his App included. Had he separated his accounts and had one for his App, one for his Google Ads, and another one for personal stuff, none of this would have happened. 

So today, we’ll be going through many aspects of why, even if it’s annoying to have a lot of open accounts on your phone and computer, it’s always better and safer to just keep your matters separate. So let’s dive in, shall we? 

Divide and conquer 

Not to state the obvious, but it is always a problem to have just one (of anything) to rely on. So if you, just like the guy from the article, have only one account with everything in it, then you are much more vulnerable to lose everything for just one mistake. If your complete strategy and business rely on just one account, then you are messing up big time and, if that account is your personal one, then I can’t even begin to describe the size of the mess.

Having your team accessing the account 

Most of today’s jobs involve a team of people that’s there to help you build your campaign. This is not an altruistic thing to do, it’s just PPCs have different specialties and you need different people to accomplish different goals. You may have an amazing graphic designer, but they won’t do a great job if the task is to, for example, manage your Ads placements

So, if you have a lot of projects, and even all of your personal stuff, going on at the same account, you will obviously not be too happy about having a lot of random people having access to it, right? This whole situation will for sure lead to either a password-changing everyday mess or to concentrating all of the work on yourself and end up having a stress breakdown. Having different accounts for different projects and teams will make your everyday life much easier both for you and for the people you work with. 

What if you are no longer in charge of a Campaign? 

I’m not saying this in a negative way, nor implying anyone’s firing you. But let’s say you land on your dream job, and so you have to leave your current one. This is a perfectly possible scenario that usually would just require a heads up to your boss, cheers with your colleagues, and leaving everything clean and ready for the person taking up from there. However, if the whole campaign is linked to your own personal account or the account you use for a lot of projects, then this final move won’t be so easy to accomplish, right? So then you’ll face a big problem because you’ll have to either shut down the whole campaign to open a new one or give this new person access to your account. Neither of them is particularly attractive, so how much easier could life have been if you had just run the Ad Campaign in a separate account? A lot. 

Accidental mixes 

I have a friend whose band’s manager uses his own account as the band’s official one to contact, and one time he accidentally sent them an email that was meant for his travel agent saying that he’d go on vacation and tell his clients that he was having some personal issues. Obviously, my friend and his bandmates immediately asked for a clarification, which ended up in a manager replacement search. 

Again, how much easier life could have been if you just had separated your accounts? Having your work and personal life mixed up all together in one account creates an unnecessary risk of messing up and letting someone know something you never would have chosen to. Imagine when this someone can be thousands of internet users that have your Ads featuring in the websites they browse through. 

So, to conclude, I believe there’s no time like right now to just start creating new accounts for every one of your projects. And this doesn’t just apply to Google, you should definitely take the advice for any server that you are running your Ads or launching projects on. This way, you can make sure that your personal and work life will remain separate, won’t get mixed up, and that you won’t make life harder for your coworkers nor your potential replacements. This is one of those situations where one small, quick, and easy change can prevent a big mess from happening. So take my advice, keep things clean and make sure no one bans any of your accounts.

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