Instagram User Statistics, Demographics, and Marketing Trends You Must Know

You definitely know who around you uses Instagram. It might be your uncle, friend, colleague, or boss. After all, you get to see the pictures of their meals or sunsets daily while scrolling through your feed. However, you must look beyond the Insta feed to understand Instagram’s stats, demographics, and trends.

Instagram has become the second largest social media platform in the digital world. It has a considerable user base in addition to its highly captivating aesthetics. However, according to experts’ research and prediction, Instagram will soon lose its position in Africa and the Middle East as TikTok is going to take its place.

Instagram is also known as Facebook’s younger photogenic sibling, which is now grown in size and user base. It has secured a second position in the digital world. In addition to its considerable user base and appealing aesthetic, it also has signature features like stories. These features have helped Instagram become an essential vehicle for global marketers and will remain this way for many years to come. 

You can get a detailed insight into marketing trends, the latest tech innovations, and your competitors through extensive research. While understanding the user stats of Instagram is useful, you must also consider different essential aspects to make a practical analysis. 

Let’s start with the trends and highlights of Instagram users in 2022.

The Number of Users on Instagram

First off, let’s talk about the users Instagram has globally. Since it is the second largest social media platform, it will have around 1.3 billion monthly global users in 2022. Instagram’s estimate of its user is even greater than this because it doesn’t include spam, fake businesses, or robotic users. According to a CNBC article, which gives references from internal sources as well, Instagram has approximately 2 billion users worldwide.

Instagram Global User Statistics

The next big thing is to know how many people use Instagram and how often they use it?


Instagram has successfully dominated the digital world. Other than Facebook, it is the most substantial social network. From 2019 to 2022, the user base of Instagram has grown by 383 million in 3 years. One-third of global network users are now using Instagram. Its usage and impact will increase by 30% in 2023. 

On the other hand, it seems to lose its second-ranking status in Africa and the Middle East as TikTok replaces it. TikTok passed Snapchat in 2020, and it will attain the position of Instagram this year. This short-form video network is expanding in some regions. 17.9% of the global users will be using TikTok in 2022.

TikTok has taken the vault as Instagram’s users constantly move to Asia Pacific regions. The region exceeded one-third of Instagram’s users in 2021, and it will account for around 4 in 10 in 2025. India has been the No.1 growth market for Instagram because Tiktok was banned there in 2020. Except for India, Instagram’s users will decline in all other regions in the coming years.

The noteworthy fact is that TikTok has overtaken Instagram in terms of its usage in Africa and the Middle East. It is an important trend that no one can ignore. For now, there might not be any similar development in other regions. However, for countries where the user base is primarily young people, Tiktok has such a strong appeal.

Instagram User Demographics

Facebook has a constant age problem that will affect Instagram now. The teens who have been using Instagram for years are not leaving the platform but are not signing up for it either. Despite this, Instagram’s user base seems to keep growing faster. It will get closer to the size of Facebook soon.

For now, Instagram’s user base is two-thirds of Facebook’s. From 2020 to 2025, the 19.5 million Instagram users will increase. So, if it keeps rising at the same pace, the size of Instagram’s user base will get closer to three-quarters the size of Facebook by the end of 2025. While Gen Z is approaching Instagram, Gen Y will also continue to be the core part of Instagram’s user base. These two generations will make up 71.7% of Instagram’s user base in 2022. In 2025, the number of users will increase, and then it will become more than three quarters.

The growth of Instagram among teens is relatively slower. From 2020 to 2025, only 400,000 teens will become users of Instagram. According to recent reports, Instagram has also proved to be harmful to the mental health of the young generation. Instagram has started prioritizing the safety of teens. It is taking action to protect teens’ mental health, but still, it is not enough to convince them to join Instagram. It is just a part of the problem, while at the same time, many teens are not signing up for Instagram just because they prefer using other social networks.

Marketing on Instagram

If you found Instagram users’ demographics appealing, you might also dig the marketing of Instagram that every social media pro has to know. Any strategy you make for social media platforms must consider the audience’s age. Teens are also getting attracted to Snapchat other than TikTok. Meanwhile, Gen Y is still not leaving Instagram because they are used to it, and Gen Z is growing more into it. For now, both Instagram and Snapchat will stay relevant for the core user base of social networks. As a result, they will attract advertisers or marketers. So, the ad revenue of Instagram may also increase by 25.6%, which is $33.5 billion, in 2022.

However, Instagram and Facebook must also be cautious as their popularity is dwindling among teens. According to the US trend, a significant portion of Instagram’s users are getting closer to middle age. It is an essential consideration for marketers who seek to target a younger audience to promote their products or services.

Wrapping Up

Phew, that might be a lot to take in. But do you get what we are trying to convey?

In short, Instagram’s growth and user base might not slow down anytime soon. However, there is some risk involved, so brands must keep themselves updated on the latest marketing trends and statistics on Instagram. They can also use this information to perfect their Instagram marketing strategy.

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