How To Make Display Ads Personal Without Appearing Invasive

Personalizing display ads is arguably one of the most important factors contributing to their immense popularity. After all, if users feel like an ad is speaking to them on a personal level, they’re more likely to view the product or service on offer favorably….or are they? There’s a fine line between making ads that are personal and making ads that appear to invade a user’s privacy. The sad reality is that many ad agencies and PPC experts don’t seem to understand the difference between the two.

A good Google Display Ad feels personal, but not invasive, so to speak. For instance, if you’re advertising an apparel store you’d want to go with something like ‘Are you tired of running out of outfit ideas?’ rather than ‘We know you’ve run out of ideas for cool outfits’. See the difference? One conveys the notion that you want to feel connected to your readers while the other feels invasive, creepy, and even condescending.

Personalizing your Display Ads can be a useful strategy when trying to create engaging content for audiences. Such ads can capture the imagination of readers and make them believe that if you know a personal detail about them, then you’ll be able to provide them with the product or service they need as well. But when does this go overboard and cross into the invasive territory?

If your ads contain details on users that you shouldn’t know, that’s when they start to sound creepy. You want your readers to think of you as a friend, not as an uninvited guest asking them to scoot over on the couch. That’s how you make them feel heard and understood, but not invaded. This is an especially important consideration when it comes to remarketing ads.

The highest-paid experts in the field often run out of the steam required for fresh, creative content when it comes to remarketing or recycling ads. A good way to remarket Display Ads would be to zero down on one adjective for your ad and use it wherever you can – on the ad copy displayed, the landing page, etc. For instance, if you have users looking for football jerseys, you can create ads that feature the words ‘genuine’ or ‘authentic’ alongside ‘football jerseys’.

This way, those looking for football jerseys know they don’t have to spend time and effort skimming through loads of websites looking for authentic football jerseys as you’re already providing them with exactly that. You can then use your chosen adjective time and time again for remarketing purposes, and they’ll prove to be effective.

Therefore, we’d like to conclude by saying that your Display Ads can sound personal without appearing invasive if you know how to play it smart and reveal only the right amount of information. It’s not an easy balance to strike but who knows? Once you get there you might find personalized ads to be your doorway to generating more clicks.

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