How to Generate Home Improvement Leads Using Google Ads?

Google ads is one of the most effective ways to sell a service to the right targeted audience. It can help you get exclusive leads, however, you should know all the tips and tricks to make it work. Like other businesses, home improvement businesses like renovation or remodeling services should also have a certain marketing or advertising technique to be able to grow further. In that regard, Google ads come in handy to them. Google ads only attract specific visitors to the site who are interested in purchasing the service or product.

Here are a few tips mentioned to help you generate quality home improvement leads using Google ads.

Decide the Type of Leads That Have More Value for Your Business

Before you start the process of generating leads, ask yourself a question: “What type of leads do you want to generate using Google ads?” You can use Google ads for various purposes like registration for the newsletter, request for quotation, online account creation, contact form, and many more things. It depends upon the specific needs and demands of your home improvement company which type of lead will have more value for it.

You can start by targeting two types of leads first. Most companies start with phone calls and online forms to attract the attention of visitors. You can do the same as it is highly likely that those visitors are going to be paying customers of your company. Once you are sure about the type of lead you want to generate, you can proceed further by setting up the right Google campaign. The design of ads, keywords, landing page content, and a lot more aspects will be based on your specific lead type. 

Keywords Can Determine Your Success, So Find the Right One

Your keyword research will depend upon what people search the most on the internet. There are three types of keywords, i.e. navigational, commercial, and informational. The navigational keyword is the long-tail keyword that is a part of the search query and takes you to another web page. On the other hand, a commercial keyword indicates the purchase desire while an informational one is based on topic research. You should be able to walk in your customer’s shoes to get those keywords that can guarantee the best results in the end.

You should use all of the above-mentioned keywords to create a strong call to action for your audience. You can also use different online tools to identify the relevant keywords and their traffic. This way, you can easily focus more on highly-specific keywords to generate quality leads and eliminate negative keywords which can affect your budget limitations by creating poor-quality leads. 

Use Location Targeting to Know Who You Are Reaching

Location targeting gives the business owners of home improvement services a chance to be aware of the audience they are going to reach. They get to know about their interests to show them relevant ads. However, you must ask yourself a few important questions to be able to target the right audience. For instance, “Who is the target audience for my home improvement business?”, “What interests them the most?”, and “When and where do they come online”?. When you know the answer to such questions, you can use location targeting more effectively.

By default, the location targeting might be set to your country. However, it might also get set to “All locations” to reach the audience worldwide. Make sure you don’t advertise it to the people you can’t provide service to. Choose the most suitable locations for your service to ensure that you don’t end up wasting any money. You can also go for the “Those in my area” in the advanced targeting settings instead of those “Interested in my area” to get more effective results.

Optimize Your Landing Page to Get it Linked with Your User’s Wants

You may not achieve perfection while designing a landing page for your website. However, you can optimize it in a way that it gets linked with what your user wants or searches for on the browser. Also, add the call-to-action at the top of the landing page to grab the attention of the visitor immediately.

When it comes to approving the landing pages, Google carries out a strict quality check process. Make sure you meet the standards and follow all the policies to prevent disapproval or ban ads. 

You can also test different landing pages to analyze which one helps you get more leads. For instance, you can test whether more text works for your landing page or less? Which one is more effective: product image or promo video? Should you offer seasonal discounts or not? And so much more to get a highly optimized landing page at the end of the day. 

Design Google Ad In a Way that It Turns into a Lead

The design of your Google Ad is going to leave the first impression on the visitor. It should be clear and unique to help your home improvement business to stand out from others. The display of the ad should tell what the ad is about. The call to action you add should match your goal and the landing page of the site. Most importantly, the design of the ad should focus on the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your home improvement business. 

In short, you should start planning before about how you are going to generate leads for your home improvement business using Google ads. The more aspects you take into account, the more effective results you are going to achieve. So, make sure you make the best use of Google ads to make them favorable for your business. 

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