How Are the Demands of the Emerging Audience Reshaping the Digital Industry?

Generation Twitch refers to the audience that has always been connected to the digital world. It consists of Gen Z (those who were born between 1997 and 2012), millennials (those who were born between 1981 and 1996 as they have been influenced by Gen Z the most), and generation alpha (post-2012).                                          

Things have started changing after the emergence of the newer generations. Their behaviors, demands, and beliefs have affected their surroundings and cultures. It has led to a significant shift in the audience from “organized” experiences to “authentic” ones. The other significant evolution is from “Fixed” to “Fluid.” This shift hints at Generation Twitch’s need to have a high level of automatic engagement with the content. It shows that passive entertainment is getting replaced by active participation for the new generation. For instance, there is a significant increase in the demand for interactive gaming.             

Adam Harris, global head of brand partnership studio at live streaming service Twitch, highlights the user experience as fixed in a traditional media environment where they have a minimal opportunity for being activated and spontaneous. He added that this scenario has changed because of the latest technology that eliminates the differentiation between real and virtual worlds. Interactive movies now provide the new audience with high interactivity and involvement. It emphasizes discovery rather than making wrong or right choices, which further demonstrates that interactivity helps improve the consumer experience.

Fluid Gaming Stories Have Set the Bar High                     

Gaming is the discovery to fulfill the new requirements and needs of the users regarding interactivity. It is far from passive entertainment. However, the emerging demands of the new audience are constantly advancing. The game Among Us creates fluid stories every single time for the players. It is a popular multiplayer party game that brings people together online in a spaceship to work as teams or betray each other. It also gathers the audience to watch other people playing through streaming channels. It has gained more than 13 million followers so far.

But the question is, “What do advertisers get out of it?” According to Harris, it is serving the purpose by providing Generation Twitch the content it craves for. In addition, 72% of Twitch viewers agree that interactivity and connection help make the service’s advertising more engaging.

The Adaptive Narrative Builds Strong Engagement

The brands need to focus on the needs and demands of the new generation as they grow up in a technologically advanced society where everything is possible. The audience’s basic expectation is to have fluid and seamless content tailored according to their preferences.

According to Harris, it is a golden opportunity for all brands and companies to help the audience with their adaptive and fluid narrative to get a higher level of engagement.        

Advertisers seem to have a plan, as they are already working alongside Twitch. For instance, Deutsche Telekom in Germany collaborated with Twitch through innovative advertising to show the audience its good-quality smartphones and high-speed network. Twitch has also collaborated with other brands to add more fun elements to the existing situations and gaming stories. So, it is a win-win for both parties, while at the same time, Generation Twitch also gets what it desires. So, advertisers looking forward to this fluid experience will surely stand out from others who are still stuck in the same place.

Wrapping Up

Generation Twitch’s latest and updated demands have changed the digital world’s dynamic. Now, it is high time that every brand or company acknowledges how fast-paced it has to be to ensure it doesn’t lag behind the others. It is a golden opportunity for a lot of larger-sized companies as well to take the first-mover advantage and get the maximum level of engagement of consumers. 

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