Great Ad Finds: Simpli.Fi’s Display Ads

It’s always worth it to call attention to well-done ads you see while surfing the internet. And this ad I saw last night from was awesome:

Let’s discuss why.

First, it’s very on-target. I spend far too much time Googling and reading about display and programmatic ads so they got their targeting spot-on.

Secondly, the words speak to a display and programmatic pain-point of trying out the lesser-known networks: ensuring there is enough reach and coverage. We’ve all tried networks that don’t show the super-targeted ads to enough people because their reach is too small. But by declaring they reach everyone, with the word “all,” and then reinforcing that with the exact number of US households–they emphasize they have the solution to this problem.

Third, and what stands out perhaps most about the ad, is the visuals. The ad shows little houses and the imagery makes it clear that your target is the house that’s in red. This visually makes the point that there isn’t just enough reach, but it will be targeted. Here, we’re targeting the red houses and that’s what they give you.

Artistically, the red circle representing your target is consistent with the red dot in “Simpli-dot-fi” so it makes it visually consistent.

What lessons can we get from this?

First, is that ads don’t need to be visually stunning to be effective. Nor even ugly or bizarre, as we’ve recommended before. This one is simple and, in the middle, but it conveys the point.

Second, to speak to the pain-point your audience has (coverage and targeting), but simply and positively. This ad does this effectively.

What ad designs have you been trying out lately? And how is it going? Please share your stories here and we can write an article about it if you’ve found anything interesting!

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