Google Ads Creative Studio and What You Need to Know

The times where Google Advertising began with simple text ads nearly 20 years ago is long gone.

Traditional, static ad formats are no longer sufficient. Great advertisers are always looking for new ways to engage with their audience and grow their brand.

Great advertising and storytelling is a form of art a few can master and a competitive edge for brands. 

Although technology is essential in the creative process, designers, agencies, companies, and media strategists are seeking new methods to collaborate in order to create stunning advertising and campaigns for their customers.

Google recently launched its one-stop hub for creative agencies – Google Ads Creative Studio, a unified home for Google’s creative advertising tools, is now made available to help advertisers and creative agencies create compelling video, display, and audio ads. 

Ads Creative Studio will allow creative agencies to collaborate and create rich media while increasing productivity and streamlining the overall process.

How can advertisers use this tool to make their life easier? Let’s find out 

Advertisers and creative agencies may have had to work with multiple teams and products in the past to get their hands on the creative tools needed to create rich media. 

However with the new Google Ads Creative Studio, advertisers will be able to bring together a variety of creative features formerly seen in YouTube, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360 on to one place.

The launch of Google  Ads Creative Studio kicked off in parallel with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021 and Amazon Prime Day Sales, which had advertisers glued to their seats. 

Both events have established themselves as the peak of the technology-driven movement in the brand marketing and advertising industry.

This creative solution was introduced by Google to combine efforts to create appealing digital ad experiences across videos, display, and audio. 

Google Ads Creative Studio will enable creative teams to collaborate and develop excellent ads while increasing productivity and streamlining the overall process for advertisers.

During the pandemic, SEO trends and advertising creativity have evolved to fit the tastes and moods of the online audience. This is something Google is aware of. 

The new agreement between Google and Adobe, which revealed better connectivity between Adobe Creative Cloud and Google Workspace, is clear evidence of Google’s leadership.

Advertisers are now able to design attractive ads efficiently with Google Ads Creative Studio.

Google Ads Creative Studio brings together powerful creative tools formerly available on YouTube, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360.

Advertisers aiming to broaden their reach and scope across websites, video, and audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music now have additional options. Google Ads Creative Studio allows you to handle all of your creative needs for digital ad campaigns across all of these channels.

Here are a few features which come in the Ads Creative Studio

  • Director Mix – a tool that allows you to create personalized YouTube video commercials with replaceable elements at scale (which previously wasn’t available to all advertisers )
  • Dynamic Display and HTML5 tools.
  • Audio Mixer & Dynamic Audio Tools – for creating custom audio advertising for display and video 360.
  • Project Library – Ads Creative Studio’s Project Library can help you boost your advertising campaigns.

In the coming future, Google is anticipated to roll out more options for advertisers on this platform so make sure you watch out for this space.

Teamwork makes the dream work 

Google has also launched a project library in order to smooth out and help advertisers with the process of developing various creative ads for their campaigns. 

The Ads Creative Studio was created with the aim of helping creative and media teams work together more effectively

With the use of the new tool, teams may collaborate on templates, apply design guidelines, and implement quality assurance methods.

The project library enables creators to collaborate on ad creation and organize, utilize, and participate in display and video campaigns by allowing them to build and change video, display, and audio commercials.

It is possible now for one team to manage the raw assets while another creates adverts using them.

Similarly, one team could use the raw materials to create display advertisements while another uses them to create YouTube ads, and having everything in one location would make it easy to ensure that everyone is working with the same set of assets.

Advertisers are also able to test out different versions of the ad campaigns which can be tweaked and then customized for each audience using one source.

When can advertisers expect to be able to use Ads Creative Studio?

By the end of July, Display & Video 360 clients will be able to try out Google Ads Creative Studio in beta, and select YouTube Ads customers will be able to try it out in September.

If you are wondering whether it’s still possible to create ads in the existing interface that you are used to using, yes it’s possible! You still can create dynamic display assets both in Display and video 360 and Google ads if you prefer.

Ads can be directly exported to Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360 after they’ve been made by advertisers.

What lies ahead for Create with Google?

Along with the launch of the new tool, Google has also announced plans to merge Create with Google and Think with Google together. All information for creators and media teams will be now available in one location.

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