Generation Z Evades Display Ads – Goes for Native Advertising

Generation Z includes those who were born between 1997 and 2010, i.e. the pre-teens to young graduates. The one thing that is common among Gen Z is that they grew up in the digital world with laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Gen Z can be defined by four core behaviors:

1)      They avoid labels and value individual expression. 

2)      They create movements for a variety of causes.

3)      They are practical but critical at times.

4)      They believe in dialogue to make the world better.

These core behaviors or traits of Gen Z are the reason that they are sensible enough to realize the reality of the digital world. They don’t consider anything credible unless it comes from some influencer in their community who they can trust.

According to a recent study, 52% of Gen Z avoid display advertising. However, the irony is that they are also the ones who are more likely to make the purchase when compared to any other generation. Their online purchases are based on advertising that can keep them engaged. However, 35% of Gen Z have admitted that they don’t like advertising at all. They prefer to see sponsored content and native ads instead. 


Tiktok is the main social media platform that Gen Z is using to get access to most of the information and news. 41% of Gen Z consider TikTok a trusted source of content, which is twice as many as any other generation. The thing that attracts Gen Z about TikTok is that it has an authentic and appealing style. 

It is advised that publishers should copy the content and format of TikToks which include sponsored products, unboxing videos, and native advertising, to win over Gen Z. Doing so will help advertisers gain momentum in the current digital world.

Why Does Gen Z Love Native Advertising?

The common question that pops up in everyone’s mind is “Why Native Advertising is a great way to reach Gen Z? What is it about native advertising that makes Gen Z love it more than any other display advertisement?

Here are a few reasons that may help advertisers understand why Gen Z resonates so well with native advertising: 

It Doesn’t Feel Like an Ad

Gen Z loves authenticity. The best thing about native advertising is that it doesn’t feel like an ad. This makes Gen Z more inclined to view the ad. It is also a golden opportunity for brands to present their message in front of their targeted audience. Traditional ads are something people get to see every day and almost everywhere. So, people are more likely to avoid them.

The Days of Forced Marketing are Long Gone

Forced marketing was an old way to grab the attention of the consumer. Nowadays, Gen Z has become so numb to digital stimuli that they know how to tune out unwanted ads that they don’t want to see. The growth of ad blocking software is proof that Gen Z is even willing to pay more to disable ads. That is why marketers are now feeling the need to shift to native advertising instead.

Native Advertising Through an App is a Win-Win

Gen Z is not interested in the ads but rather the content. Developers use apps to ensure that native ads are positioned in a way that makes users think that they are reading what they have chosen themselves. For instance, Gen Z uses Twitter frequently to read the tweets of those influencers they are interested in. Native advertising tricks their mind to ensure that they continue reading over the suggested content while reading tweets.

There Is No Guessing Game in Native Advertising

Native advertising puts the content in the right spot directly in front of the right audience, Gen Z.  It doesn’t involve any guessing like some traditional advertisements.

Native Advertising Is Non-Disruptive 

People have started hating ads because they are disruptive. They cause an interruption in the browsing experience. Sometimes it seems like ads have just one aim and that is to irritate people. This is where native advertising comes in. It matches the function and form of the website to ensure that ads don’t appear as intrusive as some traditional ads. This subtle format is also one of the biggest reasons that Gen Z falls for native advertising. 

Native Advertising Is Simply Effective

Lastly, the most important thing about native advertising is that it is highly effective. Advertisers should without a doubt consider including native advertising in their digital marketing strategies to improve the level of engagement, click-through rates, purchase intent, and acceptance rates.

Sounds Perfect, Right?

It is now quite obvious why Gen Z loves native advertising. It can also help the brands achieve their goals if they do it right. However, advertisers must make sure that they choose the right content and platform to reach their target audience, especially Gen Z.


Native advertising is growing in popularity. Brands can use it as a tactic as it allows them to place their content in front of the today’s generation who is more likely to make the purchase. It is now marketers’ call on how they are going to use native advertising. It will further influence the way Gen Z consumes content in the futur

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