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How Would They PPC?

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How Would Plato PPC? (Part I)

How Would Plato PPC? (Part I)

It’s a question of the ages: if Plato were a PPC, how would he go about it? Plato wrote a universe of works on different topics–many lifetimes have been spent only deep-diving into his works and nothing more (although not recently)–but today we will focus on one of his ideas: […]

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How Would Machiavelli PPC? (Part I)

How Would Machiavelli PPC? (Part I)

Machiavelli, oh, Niccolò! The man whose reputation has been defamed in successive centuries since he wrote. A more cynical person might suspect he was defamed on purpose precisely because The Powers That Be wouldn’t want anyone to know how effective a guidebook of his rules could be. But no, not […]

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How Would Wittgenstein PPC?

How Would Wittgenstein PPC?

Ah, Wittgenstein, Wittgenstein, a man who was deeply controversial in his day, with the “genius or madman”–a fraud, fake, or a friggin’ phenomenal genius forever?–debate still raging now, heading on a century later; indeed, in this “Who would they PPC?” series, he will probably be the single most controversial philosopher […]

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How Would Max Weber PPC? (Part I)

How Would Max Weber PPC? (Part I)

Yes, yes, yes, I know you’ve been up at night wondering, “If Max Weber were alive and got a job running Google Ad campaigns, how would he go about it?” and–alas!–the answer is here for you. So Max Weber wrote brilliantly about many topics, and today he’s remembered largely for one […]

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How Would Nietzsche PPC? (Part I)

How Would Nietzsche PPC? (Part I)

A question for the ages: If Friedrich Nietzsche were a PPC, how would he PPC? Nietzsche himself probably paced the halls of the University of Basel wondering, if an all-encompassing knowledge machine existed and he was tasked with ensuring that normies using the all-encompassing knowledge machine would see the results […]

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How Would Karl Popper PPC?

How Would Karl Popper PPC?

Karl Popper is remembered today mostly for two things: as a historian of science whose idea of “falsification” influenced modern scientific thought, and also for his political “open society” ideas that influenced George Soros among others. He’s less widely remembered as Wittgenstein’s cousin, as well as being an Austrian Jewish […]

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How would Kant PPC? (Part I)

How would Kant PPC? (Part I)

Yes, this question has occupied the best thinkers in the world for a century and a half, and I will try to shed some new light on it. If Immanuel Kant were to run a Google AdWords or other PPC campaign, how would he run it? Well, Kant created a universe […]

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How Would Thomas Hobbes PPC?

How Would Thomas Hobbes PPC?

Thomas Hobbes (whose dark world view argued for the brutality of the world around us and the necessity of civilization) would have been quite a PPC manager running a Google Ads account. I would hire him. Plato’s too-perfect-in-theory campaigns would probably collapse under the weight of reality, Wittgenstein would probably […]

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How Would Aristotle PPC? (Part I)

How Would Aristotle PPC? (Part I)

The burning question of, “If Aristotle were an online marketer doing PPC & SEM running Google Adwords campaigns, what strategies would he use?” is a question almost as pressing as wondering the same for Seneca. Addressing this question requires a series of articles because Aristotle wrote deeply and subtly on […]

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How Would Seneca PPC?

How Would Seneca PPC?

Ah, Seneca! Widely remembered as the Founding Father of Greek stoicism. Often forgotten as the richest man in ancient Rome. Bringing these two together, he embodies the classic version of the thinker-billionaire that, say, Peter Thiel aspires to in our modern world. How, I know what question has been haunting […]

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