Analysis of an Effective Instagram Display Ad

The use of display ads has been increasing worldwide as it can target more than 90% of online traffic. Since people tend to spend a lot of time on the internet visiting social media networks and browsing multiple sites, they are highly likely to make online purchases. A lot of marketers have started using display ads to boost their sales immediately. When it comes to buying and selling online, Instagram is the second platform that is being used the most by people. The ads on Instagram prove to be the most effective as they help grab the attention of the visitors.

I believe Instagram is the platform that most youngsters are using nowadays to keep themselves updated regarding fashion, styling, health, and a lot more trending and hot topics. I am going to talk about my experience with an Instagram ad. There is hardly anything or anyone that can make me stop even for a second while I am busy scrolling my Instagram feed. And I am sure that it happens with most of us (HAHA!). But recently, I saw one Instagram display ad and I felt like talking and writing about it in detail.

Here is that ad:

It is a sponsored Instagram ad by Spotify. While talking about this ad, the first thing I would like to highlight is the color pallet that the creator of the ad has chosen. I am the kind of person who usually falls for light colors. But this time, I was even shocked that I felt so attracted to the bright and vibrant colors of this ad. The combination of blue and pink colors was adding life to my Instagram feed. The contrast of both colors made the ad stand out from others. It can be established that if a marketer selects the right colors for the ad, half of his job is done. However, the rest half also plays a vital role in determining whether the visitor is going to click on the ad or not. This ad is a perfect example of how bright and contrasting colors can make a significant difference.

Now, let’s talk about the text of the ad. It says “Limited Time Offer: 3 Months of Spotify Premium Free”. It creates a sense of urgency as it is a limited-time offer for people as they can avail of 3 months of Spotify Premium for free. Those who love music and want to enjoy the features of the premium version of Spotify won’t take more than a second to sign up for it after seeing this ad. I think that the text of the ad might have grabbed the attention of those visitors as well who are not too much into music. The text is written so wisely that everyone would feel like giving it a try for sure. In the end, what matters the most is how much a product or service is going to cost you? In this case, it won’t cost you even a penny as it is free to sign up for it to enjoy the premium version of Spotify for 3 months. And the text has highlighted this best part of the service so beautifully. 

Moreover, this ad has also set the right targeting and best time. I am one of the target audience of this ad because I have been showing interest for a few days in other similar products that can help me spend good vacations during the cozy nights of the winter season. Moreover, Instagram is the right platform for this ad as it is being used mostly by youngsters. Most of the teenagers or young adults will be looking forward to enjoying the best time in these last days of the year in the hope to end it on a good note and start the New Year with excitement and fun. So, this ad has served its purpose smartly, whereas a lot of other marketers are wasting millions on the non-targeted audience.

While talking about a display ad, we cannot ignore the importance of images. The flowers in the image don’t make much sense, but adding the piano in it perfectly elaborates what the service is about. However, it could be any other instrument as well. Or maybe the creator of the ad might add an image of the collection of different musical instruments that are organized nicely according to the background. But that might have taken more space, so the creator has played safe with the image instead of experimenting with something different. So, excellent imagery is one of the most significant elements of an Instagram display ad as it can make or break your advertising experience.

Now let’s talk about some flaws of this display ad. What I didn’t like was the use of the same blue color for the call to action button. It should rather be a contrasting color to make the CTA eye-catching and different from the background. Moreover, the small font of the text in the left bottom of the image pissed me off while watching the ad. It would be a nightmare for anyone to read a text with this font and size, especially for an individual like me with a weak eye-sight. So, there is room for improvement on the creator’s part that can help make the ad exceptionally perfect. Otherwise, if the advertising campaign of a product or service isn’t up to the mark, the business will fail eventually regardless of the efforts, time, or money it puts in making the product or service authentic and flawless.

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