8 qualities you should look for when hiring a PPC Expert

Each year global ad spend across every major PPC channel is growing higher and higher…

And this growth isn’t happening for no reason. 

It’s happening because of how the PPC model works

I assume you must have heard of the “spend money to make money” theory.

From social channels to paid search, PPC is a smart way to see results quickly!

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most effective forms of advertising online. 

It can help your business stand out against your competition to attract qualified visitors to your website, and can also play an important role in converting those visitors into new business leads and potential customers for your business!

The world of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is constantly evolving and changing as competition remains relentless on the internet.

Managing PPC campaigns involves creating, monitoring, and optimizing paid media campaigns. 

This process can be a rather complex and time-consuming activity, especially for in-house marketing teams that juggle multiple responsibilities.

To get the best out of investing in paid media campaigns and producing the most competitive results, businesses should consider hiring an agency specializing in digital marketing or a Freelance PPC Expert to help manage their paid advertising. 

This would mean the person managing your PPC campaigns has to constantly learn and adapt to keep up with the ever-changing technologies to make sure your business is not left behind.

How will you be able to tell if your PPC Expert has the qualities you need for your business? 

This article will walk you through the top 8 qualities we think you should look out for when hiring a PPC expert.


  1. They are Proactive and have a high level of expertise in their skill

Their experience is best expressed when overcoming challenging situations.

Having a proactive approach when handling tough situations will be a great advantage because with the digital marketing landscape constantly changing with new features and updates, a successful PPC expert should be able to implement them in campaigns in order to maximize Return on Investment and Ad Spend.

Their high level of expertise should also mean that they conduct tests in the accounts they manage and use the data gathered to implement new creative strategies.

 2.   Excellent communication skills 

A PPC expert should have excellent communication skills as this role demands to be able to listen and communicate clearly.

The ability to communicate and build healthy relationships with employees in your team, as well as clients, will prove to improve efficiency and overall productivity for your business

He/She should be willing to take part in events ( online or offline ) such as trade shows and niche-specific events which will help him/her to acquire new skills, knowledge, and trends needed to add to their credibility.

Also immersing yourself in reading news and information on the latest trends in the digital marketing space would prove to be advantageous for him/her and parallelly your business will also benefit from the new information!

Without excellent communication skills, it would be challenging for him/her to understand the customer’s needs, and provide a solution to keep the customer happy.

 3.   Data-oriented

PPC experts are required to be data-driven, and it requires people who love to sift through incredibly detailed information such as numbers and metrics interpreting them correctly to see areas of improvement,

PPC data will show the amount of money you spend for clicks, how many visitors came to your site from certain keywords, and how high of an ROI you’re earning.

Those are only a few metrics, and PPC is loaded to the brim with granular pieces of data that can help you succeed. 

You need a data-driven expert to read through all of this information and isolate the data that can help you decide your future decisions. 

Without that capability, it will look like you just have a lot of numbers in a spreadsheet, which can quickly feel overwhelming to the average person.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, data-oriented professionals, get excited at seeing brand-new data sets in front of them, even if the numbers are all over the place and unorganized at the time. 

They will fix the information so that it’s more digestible for people who aren’t obsessed with numbers.

While the numbers provide an overview of how campaigns are doing, they are unfortunately not enough. A PPC Expert should be able to know why his/her campaigns develop the way they do. 

 4.   Problem-solving skills

Unexpected challenges are bound to emerge at any given time. 

Rethinking strategies and approaches as a way to solve problems are part of a PPC expert’s daily work. 

When working on a task, the PPC expert must be able to react promptly to new incidents. 

Even if this means they have to work for a bit longer from time to time. 

PPC expert’s must also keep on testing to find better solutions to make their campaigns run successfully.

That includes how the budget is spent, which keywords to target, and what needs to be done when some marketing campaigns are failing.

In this way, deciding what works from what does not will be easy for the PPC expert

Being accountable for those results is something that you should also expect from the PPC expert. 

5.   Creatively strategic

These individuals are also good at generating ideas, especially when they feel they have the freedom and support that they need to be creative.

A successful PPC campaign means it is well thought of strategically placed

Developing the passion to experiment with different and creative strategies has become an essential quality of a PPC Manager in today’s digital world. 

It’s through trial and error that the PPC Manager will discover what works and what is relevant, this can also mean that they’ll be better at spotting faults in your current strategies and probably enjoy patching them up.


  1. Well Organized

Staying Organized is a necessity for a PPC expert to have since one of their most important jobs is measuring the results of your PPC marketing campaigns over time. 

A dependable PPC expert must need to know the proper numbers on ROI, conversions, and other important metrics so that they can compare your current statistics with your previous ones. 

Without that comparison, you won’t be able to tell if you’re PPC campaigns are generating results and is working for your business

In addition, staying organized will also mean that a PPC expert will keep different campaigns completely separate from one another. 

They’ll have individual, identifiable names that will tell a person looking at the campaign about the ad campaign’s purposes. For example, a campaign titled “Promote Page Likes” is much more informative than a campaign named “Campaign 2.” 

Leaving things for later and not setting clear goals will result in disorganization and chaos, meaning it will end up overspending valuable ad money and money loss. 

7.   Is Passionate

In a technologically advancing industry, passion is not just important. It’s a necessity.

The suitable candidate must show a keen interest and passion for the Internet marketing industry. If they’re not passionate enough, they’re probably not willing to grind through all the data and changes just to keep a job that makes them money. 

They can get a job anywhere — you need someone who sees PPC as a lifelong career.

It’s pretty easy to tell if the person has a passion for PPC. You can see their face light up and the excitement they get when talking about industry updates

You won’t have to tell them to read a new blog or research a new case study; they’ll just do it, and then they’ll report what they’ve found to you for consideration. 

If you give them enough space, they may even decide to update your PPC campaign on their own so that you can get maximum returns for your dollar spend.

8.   Proficient in Mobile Optimization

 Last but not least another important skill of a successful PPC Expert is having the ability to produce campaigns that are mobile optimized. 

 Nowadays, more and more people are searching for things with their mobile phones, using that phone’s GPS to locate goods and services and so on.

 You will need to have more than just a fancy-looking website to capture their attention: you have to have a site that’s also been optimized for mobile.

 What does this mean? It means that your PPC Specialist should be well-versed in creating specialized mobile ads, as well as making the necessary changes to your website such as site speed and so on so it’s compatible with mobile searches.

Google and other search engines pay attention to such things and not optimizing your site for mobile will certainly affect your search engine rankings.

Is there anything you think we missed out on? Let us know in the comments.

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